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 What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it?

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What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it? Empty
PostSubject: What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it?   What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it? I_icon_minitime5/5/2008, 11:32 am

Itís a tool or a program that disconnects the person from their messenger or disturbs him. Yahoo booters are easily available on the net, beware of some site may give a booter with a virus or a Trojan.
Yahoo booters are of two types:
1)Yahoo disconnector
2)Pm Bombers ( Buzz , emote etc.. )

disconnector only disconnects the person from yahoo messenger and
usually works with one bot (bot: explained later). While PM bomber
disturbs the other person by sending multiple messages and buzz till
their yahoo messenger freezes, it has many bots (upto 500).

Now that you know what is booter just download a booter from this section according to your choice.

After download the booter, extract it to one folder and click the exe file.
Enter the bots and the login. Now enter the victimís id and click the buttons.

Bots are nothing but fake idís or screen names, never use your personal id for booting.

Easiest way of
making botís is by using ID MAKER. It is easily available on net
download it. Make botís according to the requirements of the booter and
your preferences.

eg. of the bot id : yahoo_zone_bot_name ; yahoo_zone_bot_password

Now the booter has a specified pattern of loading botís
username1What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it? Tongueassword1
username2What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it? Tongueassword2
username3What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it? Tongueassword3
Make a txt file and
save it with the above details. Now in the booter there is the option
load bots, just link the txt file and the bots will get loaded.

Some booters have the text file just enter the id and password.

Now open the booter and load the bots.
Enter the victims id
in the box provide. Some booters also provide to ckeck status of the
victim to check whether the victim is online or offline.

If you still fail to understand booting just forget it or learn from your teacher !!!

What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it? 11_walker........>>>>> GO THERE https://aspx.forumotion.com/yahoo-booters-f3/
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What is Yahoo Booting and how to do it?
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