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 Paging Concept

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PostSubject: Paging Concept   Paging Concept I_icon_minitime1/22/2008, 11:15 pm

Quote :
Paging is the way memory is organised in windows. As far as page file is concerned i can say that it is a file that windows creates on the hdd that assists RAM. The file contains pages from memory.
Now how paging works is a lot more complicated issue that can occupy almost 200 pages.Just let me know exactly what you want to know
As far as your thinking goes about buffer overflow that increase in page file size can protect to some extent from Buffer overflow i can say its not the shortage of memory that results in buffer overflow.
Buffer overflow results in memory violating the pages assigned and encroaching upon other pages. Here it doesn't matter how much memory you have. all that matters is that the memory assigned to a process is filled up. The memory assigned to a process will not increase by increasing the page file. It will increase only if it is assigned more memory by the kernel which in turn depends upon the package itself.


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Paging Concept
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