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 C++ Concept For Beginners Part 1

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PostSubject: C++ Concept For Beginners Part 1   C++ Concept For Beginners Part 1 I_icon_minitime1/17/2009, 11:42 pm

C++ Concept For Beginners Part 1
Computer System have been Divided into two basic part one is
Computer hardware and other is virtual computer also called operating System,
So to design an operating System or any Application that runs on the operating
system like yahoo messenger, Ms paint, Ms word etc are design or developed by
using a programming language,So in short you can say that programming language is the tool to develop System or application Software.

OK Lets Start now
Q1. How do you start programming?
To design a Program you should be a good logical thinker,
Lets take an Example you what to design a Program which can add two number? SO
how can you solve this Problem, Think it Dear….

OK I tell you,

  • Program is a System, Which take some input and Produced Some Output.
  • So First you take two number (1,2) Right as these two number will be the Input, now you have to save those number in the memory and So you have to use variable’s, Where Variables are the Object, Stores the Data (1,2) in it, So variable occupies the Space or memory. Remember always to Store values in memory.
  • Now you stored the two value in two variable OK..
Like this
A = 1;
Now you do the addition operation on these variable, and
result can be stored in other variable say ‘D’
So D= A+B;

  • You print the Out put Mean value of D which is the result and you need it

I hope you have understood the basic logic to wright the
program, in the same manner you have to think, before developing the program.
Think By your Self:-
Q1. Design a Program to Subtract, Add,Multiply and Divide two number ;
Q2. Design a Program To Print This ?
Q3. Generate Even number and Odd number ?

1. Two variable as two value is taken A and B
2.Now For Different Operation Like Subtraction(D=A-B),Multiply (D=A*B) like for division
3. Now D will contain the result
4. Print the value of D on the monitor
Q2. Its Simple
1. First you take input as * Stored in a variable A=" * " (" " is used because * is a character not a number ex plane later)
2. Now You repeat the process of printing the value of A in Horizontal for 4 times and then 3 times Downward
OK I though you understand the logic
1. A variable Say A as input
2. now to check even number, In mathematics If you take mod of a number by 2 and result is equal to 0 then Even else odd
3. D= A%2 (% mod Sign for finding remainder)
4. Now you will check that is the Number D is equal to 0 if yes then A is even Else old

OK i though you understand

Now keep Practicing Different program......


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C++ Concept For Beginners Part 1 Earth10
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C++ Concept For Beginners Part 1
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