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 Social networking sites: Are you safe?

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PostSubject: Social networking sites: Are you safe?   Social networking sites: Are you safe? I_icon_minitime4/14/2008, 5:46 pm

Quote :

Social Networking, is need of the age, but are we aware of the pros and cons of this concept. Here are a few points to be remembered while using these sites
Social networking sites are all the rage now. Connecting with friends, colleagues and new people has become so simple with these sites that itís the new place to hang out. And just like you keep some things in mind to stay safe when you hang out with people in a cafť or a mall, you need to know a few things to be safe on social networking (SN) sites as well.
1. The more information you put about yourself, the more vulnerable you could be. So choose what you want to put up. But some things are better not put up at all. Your address, phone numbers, and bank account or credit card numbers, for example. If someone asks you for it, donít give it out without giving any thought to it. If you are uncomfortable about sharing some information, donít share it.
2. If all your friends are on some cool new SN site, that does not mean that you have to join in blindly too. Explore how it works, and the level of security and privacy allowed. Check the privacy policies of the sites you sign up for so that you know whom to report if any online abuse occurs.
3. Be sure to read through the policies and understand how the information you have put up is likely to be used. How does the site handle referrals? Can the IDs of your friends be given out to others, which could include potential spammers?
4. Can all and sundry visit your site, or do you have options to control access? Start with controlled access to your information and that too only to people you know, and when you are comfortable with how the site works, you can explore loosening some of the controls.
5. Saving a photograph from the Web is as easy as a right-click. A miscreant can easily change it using any photo-editing tool. So think twice before you put up your pics on an SN site.
6. Do not believe everything people post on their web sites. They may not be what they claim to be. So if you donít know them, itís best to avoid getting friendly with them.
7. Flirting is fun, but can land you in trouble. Think twice about flirting with strangers and refrain from discussing about sex online. Remember sexual offenders scout SN sites and chatrooms looking for prey.
8. Be careful if a new online friend wants to meet you. Make sure you meet him in a public place during the day and take along a friend or family member along with you.
9. If you ever feel threatened by anyone or anything online, discuss it with friends, family or colleagues and inform the police if required.
10. Do not always run applications and fun stuff being circulated on the SN site. They could be viruses or Trojans which could harm your computer or the data on it.
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Social networking sites: Are you safe?
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