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 Spyware : Youíre being watched

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Spyware : Youíre being watched Empty
PostSubject: Spyware : Youíre being watched   Spyware : Youíre being watched I_icon_minitime4/14/2008, 5:44 pm

Quote :

Spyware on your PC leaves you vulnerable. Here are six simple steps to remove and prevent spyware
Everyone loves a spy story. A bit of suspense, a bit of drama and a whole lot of romance. However, in the Internet world, spying is dirty, treacherous and can cost you a great deal of money. We are talking of spyware.

is a malicious software that sends out your personal information to third parties without your approval. This means that if your computer is infected by spyware, your user name, passwords and credit card information could be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. Not a pretty thought, is it?
Removing spyware is difficult. It uses stealth to install itself and avoid detection. Most people donít even realise that their computers are infected by spyware. It may also affect the performance of your machine. But there are things you can do to prevent and remove spyware from your computer.
1. Do not click on pop-up links: While surfing on the Net, do not click on those innocuous links that pop up. They may result in your computer being infected by spyware. Never click Yes or OK. Click on the X button on the top right-hand corner of the window. Install a pop-up blocker if necessary.
2. Be careful with what you download: Software that claims to be free can contain spyware. Never assume that the software doesnít contain spyware. Always be sure. Downloading music and movies from file-sharing programmes is another way you can get spyware.
3. Do not respond to spam: Mail messages that promote anti-spyware software or any other thing are likely to be fraudulent. Responding to them may result in spyware being installed on your PC.
4. Update your Windows software regularly: Microsoft Windows Update regularly offers security updates to fix vulnerabilities in its programs. Updating your Windows software regularly can go a long way in helping you prevent spyware entry into your PC.
5. Install a firewall: Firewalls can detect if any software is being installed on your computer without your knowledge, while youíre on the Internet. They monitor all the data that goes in and out, acting as a shield that protects your PC. Windows XP comes with an in-built firewall that you just need to turn on.
6. Use a spyware remover tool: Anti-spyware programmes are the most effective way to remove spyware. These programmes detect if your PC contains spyware and remove it. Most of them are free as well. But keep in mind that some of the so-called free spyware remover tools are spyware themselves. We recommend you use only the leading anti-spyware tools backed by comprehensive lab testing.
So donít get spied on. Stay safe.
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Spyware : Youíre being watched
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