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 HOW TO create Folder

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PostSubject: HOW TO create Folder   HOW TO create Folder I_icon_minitime4/13/2008, 3:31 pm

Most people know how to do this and it is a rather simple process, but this article is for the beginner and I thought it would be helpful to those not in the know. So, if you've been using the computer for a bit, you probably know how to do this, so skip over this article and go to one of the more difficult ones. This will work on Windows XP, 98, ME, 95, and I think 3.1 (but I don't have that handy to make sure)

First off, what is a desktop shortcut? When you boot your computer and Windows opens up, you have the desktop...the first screen you see. In this area you can create shortcuts to your favorite or most used programs, websites, pictures, etc. These shortcuts are easy to create and you should make a few to the programs you use the most. So, here it is:
Step 1:
In the desktop area of your computer right click with the mouse. That will open up a box that looks like this: HOW TO create Folder Shortcut1
Picture 1

This box has a few useful things in it, but since we're only dealing with creating a shortcut all you have to do is scroll down to New > and this will open a second box that looks like
HOW TO create Folder Shortcut2
Picture 2

Now you want to go to the shortcut section, click on it and it will open yet another box that looks something like this:
HOW TO create Folder Shortcut3
Picture 3

Now in this section you hit the browse button and you search your hard drive for the software, picture, file, that you would want to create a shortcut with, then once you find the program, etc. that you want as a shortcut you hit Next, then name the shortcut, and then hit Finish. Now you'll see a desktop shortcut that leads directly to the file or program you specified. It's just that simple!!!
**There is another thing you can do, in picture two you see where it says, Folder....well that allows you to create a folder on your desktop, now why is this good? Well, I happen to have lots of shortcuts, just because of all the programs I used during the day. Now these folders could be a wonderful way to organize your desktop. I happen to have 5 folders on my desktop that I use to organize my programs. Just create a folder and then drag the shortcuts over the folder and drop them in the folder. Now your shortcut is still on the desktop and you have it organized into a folder with similar programs. This is just a useful tip if you happen to be like me and happen to have lots of shortcuts.
There are other ways to create shortcuts, but I find this way to be the easiest for people to understand. So make some shortcuts now!!


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HOW TO create Folder
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