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 anything special with the codes within the braces after ren

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anything special with the codes within the braces after ren Empty
PostSubject: anything special with the codes within the braces after ren   anything special with the codes within the braces after ren I_icon_minitime4/5/2008, 2:38 pm

Manu Zacharia
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> I would like to ask Vicky that is there anything special with the codes within the braces after ren command. Or can there be anything like such codes within those braces.
> Viky jansheen_love2001@ ... wrote: Hi Ethical Hackers ,
> Lock ur Private folder before somebody deletes it :-
> Suppose you want to lock the folder games in d: which has the path
> D:\Games.In the same drive create a text file and type
> ren games games.{21EC2020- 3AEA-1069- A2DD-08002B30309 D}
> Now save this text file as loc.bat
> Create another text file and type in it
> ren games.{21EC2020- 3AEA-1069- A2DD-08002B30309 D} games
> Now save this text file as key.bat
> Now you can see 2 batch files loc and key.Press loc and the folder
> games will change to control panel and you cannot view its
> contents.Press key and you will get back your original folder.
> try it out!!!!!!!
> Important note:How to rename your text files as bat files?
> Just go to my computer->tools->folder options->go to the view tab.
> Now uncheck the 'Hide extensions for known file types'.Press apply.
> Now rename ur text files as bat files

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Sent: Wednesday, February 7, 2007 12:06:54 AM
Subject: [afceh-batch4- discuss] Re: Trick to lock your private folder

Hi Fellow Hackers,

I really appreciate the question raised by Surya Mani. As a hacker, your mind should always be set to think like an hacker, to find out the "how-and-why" of various working concepts rather than using ready made tools and applications. Now coming to the answer part, these 128 bit numbers, spelled in hex, within a pair of braces are known as CLSID. It is a globally unique identifier that identifies a COM class object.

(Don't break your head if these concepts fly over your head - these are mainly used by System Programmers and System Integration Testers - but its always good to learn as a (wanna be) hacker)

A topic on CLSID is not complete without a reference to UUID, GUID and IID. Lets see how UUID, GUID, CLSID and IID are related to each other.

UUID is the generic name for the 128 bit type which is used in COM

GUID stands for globally unique identifier and is also the name of the C union ( variant record ) which holds the UUID

CLSID is the term given to some constant and known UUIDs which are passed to the COM functions which create the particular COM object, There are hundreds of CLSIDs defined in the MS SDK header files with names like CLSID_FilterGraph etc etc.

IID refers to a UUID which identifies a partcular interface that a COM object implements. For example to find out if a particular COM object supports say the IPicture interface, you would call the QueryInterface function on it passing the IID_IPicture constant to it and if the object supports that interface you get a pointer to it.

So general term is UUID (theres a tool called uuidgen to help make such) , CLSID refers to Class IDs and IID refer to Interface IDs

Finally some CLSID's for you:

.{3DC7A020-0ACD- 11CF-AB99- 00AA004AE837} - Internet Explorer 5
.{450D8FBA-AD25- 11D0-98A8- 0800361B1103} - My Documents
.{00020D75-0000- 0000-C000- 000000000046} - Inbox
.{00028B20-0000- 0000-C000- 000000000046} - Microsoft Network
.{1A9BA3A0-143A- 11CF-8350- 444553540000} - Favorites Folder
.{208D2C60-3AEA- 1069-A2D7- 08002B30309D} - Network Neighborhood
.{20D04FE0-3AEA- 1069-A2D8- 08002B30309D} - My Computer
.{21EC2020-3AEA- 1069-A2DD- 08002B30309D} - Control Panel
.{2227A280-3AEA- 1069-A2DE- 08002B30309D} - Printers
.{63da6ec0-2e98- 11cf-8d82- 444553540000} - Microsoft FTP Folder (Internet Explorer FTP to look like explorer)
.{645FF040-5081- 101B-9F08- 00AA002F954E} - Recycle Bin
.{7BD29E00-76C1- 11CF-9DD0- 00A0C9034933} - Temperary Internet Files (Internet Cache)
.{85BBD920-42A0- 1069-A2E4- 08002B30309D} - Briefcase
.{88C6C381-2E85- 11D0-94DE- 444553540000} - ActiveX Chache Folder
.{992CFFA0-F557- 101A-88EC- 00DD010CCC48} - Dial-Up Network
.{BD84B380-8CA2- 1069-AB1D- 08000948F534} - Fonts Folder
.{BDEADF00-C265- 11d0-BCED- 00A0C90AB50F} - Web Folders
.{D6277990-4C6A- 11CF-8D87- 00AA0060F5BF} - Scheduled Tasks
.{F5175861-2688- 11d0-9C5E- 00AA00A45957} - Subscription Folder
.{FBF23B42-E3F0- 101B-8488- 00AA003E56F8} - Internet Explorer
.{FF393560-C2A7- 11CF-BFF4- 444553540000} - History (URL)
.{00021400-0000- 0000-C000- 000000000046} - Desktop

Hope this was helpful.

Happy Hacking,


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anything special with the codes within the braces after ren Earth10
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anything special with the codes within the braces after ren
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