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 Educational purpose for novice hackers….

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Educational purpose for novice hackers…. Empty
PostSubject: Educational purpose for novice hackers….   Educational purpose for novice hackers…. I_icon_minitime2/13/2008, 3:27 pm

Quote :
This is for educational purpose for novice hackers…..

Well, sometimes novice hackers wonder I wana hack someone. But they get confused where to start and what tools to use. I consolidated tha tools with steps so that it is more easier to understand for confused novice
Follow these quick steps and you’ll be on tha roll.
Step 1:
Title: Information gathering
Active/Passive : Passive
Common Tools: [Sam Spade, ARIN, IANA, Whois, Nslookup]
Step 2:
Title: Determining network range
Active/Passive: Passive
Common Tools: [RIPE, APNIC, ARIN]
Step 3:
Title: Identify active machines
Active/Passive: Active
Common Tools: [Ping, traceroute, Superscan, Angry IP Scanner]
Step 4:
Title: Finding open ports & Applications
Active/Passive: Active
Common Tools: [Nmap, Amap, SuperScan]
Step 5:
Title: OS fingerprinting
Active/Passive: Active/Passive
Common Tools: [Nmap, Winfigerprint, P0f, Xprobe2, ettercap]
Step 6:
Title: Fingerprinting services
Active/Passive: Active
Common Tools: [Telnet, FTP, Netcat]
Step 7:
Title: Mapping the network
Active/Passive: Active
Common Tools: [Cheops, traceroute, NeoTrace]
For further info. about these tools visit these Websites:
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Educational purpose for novice hackers….
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