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 FTP bounce (Scanning and Foot Printing) 10

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Er Amit Tripathi

Er Amit Tripathi

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FTP bounce (Scanning and Foot Printing)  10 Empty
PostSubject: FTP bounce (Scanning and Foot Printing) 10   FTP bounce (Scanning and Foot Printing)  10 I_icon_minitime2/10/2008, 2:37 am

Quote :

A creative scan first detailed by 'Hobbit', takes advantage of the FTP
servers with read/write access. The advantage of this scan can be both
anonymity and accessibility. For instance suppose the target network
allows FTP data transfer from only its recognized partners.
An attacker might discover a service business partner who has a FTP service
running with a world-writeable directory that any anonymous user can
drop files into and read them back from. It could even be the ISP hosting
services on its FTP server.
The attacker, who has a FTP server and able to run in passive mode, logs
in anonymously to the legitimate server and issues instructions for scanning
or accessing the target server through a series of FTP commands. He may
choose to make this into a batch file and execute it from the legitimate
server to avoid detection.
If a connection is established as a means of active data transfer processing
(DTP), the client knows a port is open, with a 150 and 226 response
issued by the server. If the transfer fails a 425 error will be generated
with a refused build data message. The PASV listener connection can be opened
on any machine that grants a file write access to the attacker and
used to bounce the scan attack for anonymity. Hobbit points out that "it
does not even have to be an FTP server -- any utility that will listen
on a known TCP port and read raw data from it into a file will do".

Often these scans are executed as batch files padded with junk so that
the TCP windows are full and the connection stays alive long enough
for the attacker to execute his commands. Fingerprinting the OS can
determine the TCP window size and allow the attacker to pad his commands
for further access accordingly. Fingerprinting is discussed in detail
later in this module. This scan is hard to trace, permits access to
local networks and evades firewalls. However, most FTP servers have
this vulnerability by adopting countermeasures such as preventing third
party connections and disallowing listing of restricted ports. Another
measure adopted has been to restrict write access.


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FTP bounce (Scanning and Foot Printing)  10 Earth11
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FTP bounce (Scanning and Foot Printing) 10
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