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 Identifying Active Machines (Scanning and Footprinting) 6

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Er Amit Tripathi

Er Amit Tripathi

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Identifying Active Machines (Scanning and Footprinting)  6 Empty
PostSubject: Identifying Active Machines (Scanning and Footprinting) 6   Identifying Active Machines (Scanning and Footprinting)  6 I_icon_minitime2/10/2008, 2:33 am

Quote :

Attackers will want to know if machines are alive before they attempt
to attack. One of the most basic methods of identifying active machines
is to perform a ping sweep. Although ping is found on just about every
system running TCP/IP, it has been restricted by many organizations.

Ping uses ICMP and works by sending an echo request to a system and waiting
for the target to send an echo reply back. If the target device is unreachable,
a request time out is returned. Ping is a useful tool to identify active
machines and to measure the speed at which packets are moved from one
host to another or to get details like the TTL.

Ping does have a couple of drawbacks: First, only one system at a time
is pinged and second, not all networks allow ping. To ping a large amount
of hosts, a ping sweep is usually performed. Programs that perform ping
sweeps typically sweep through a range of devices to determine which
ones are active. Some of the programs that will perform ping sweeps include

- Angry IP Scanner
- Pinger
- WS_Ping_ProPack
- Network scan tools
- Super Scan
- Nmap


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Identifying Active Machines (Scanning and Footprinting)  6 Earth11
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Identifying Active Machines (Scanning and Footprinting) 6
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