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Quote :
If you are looking for Tools that will do everything for you than you
are not worthy being called a hacker. You are called Script kiddie.
True Hacker knows what the tool does and not just uses it with out
knowing what's under the hood. Best Age to start is between 15 to 20
years old. You must be able to read and read no matter how long things
are. If you don't like to read but skip over thing id say stop reading
this and go find another hobby. Ok, you might be asking your self, what
are the basic Tools I need? Fist id say get your self Windows XP, learn
everything about it since it the most popular Operating system and it
will probably be the first OS that you will hack.

Get your self a UNIX and Linux. Learn its commands. Another thing you
need is learn to code in many Lang. Well there are many different ones
you say. What are the main programming skills you need? From my point
of view and I bet rest of Hackers I would recommend these; Visual Basic
& Visual Basic .NET, VBScript, ASP (ASP using VBScript code),
ActiveX Programming for OCX and DLL controls, HTML (website building),
JavaScript, PERL, Batch Programming (Dos based programming), PHP, Shell
Script and C++. You might freak out and say that's too much but no, if
you want to be a Hacker you must know at least those. When learning to
build your own (Rats) Remote Admin Tools you must know socket
programming. This is two systems or more establishes connections.

Study about Ports and IP (Internet Protocol). Learn about proxies and
how to stay anonymous. Read more on FTP, Telnet and encryption. Learn
what's Binary, Hex and ASCII. Study about Hash and what's it used for.
If you need more information please Google before you post anywhere. If
you're thinking about Website Hacking or Security learn how to use
exploits and make your own. Most important is know how to operate the
OS server before hacking it.

Learn about SQL injections and JavaScript Code injection. Now you may
see where all these Programming skills are needed. As time passes and
the more you learn thing will fall into place like a puzzle pieces.


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