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 Ethical Hackers Introduction

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PostSubject: Ethical Hackers Introduction   Ethical Hackers Introduction I_icon_minitime2/5/2008, 6:20 pm

Quote :

Until recently security information was something that
was addressed by a handful of trained professionals. With the advent
of e-business and the highly networked business, security has become
everyone's responsibility. The paradigm shift of technologically
enabled crime has now made security everyone's business. Ethical hackers
professionals who are able to visualize this and respond to actual
potential threats. This not only protects them from attacks but in
the process
does a lot of common good. The consequences of a security breach
are so large that this volunteer proactive activity should not only be
encouraged but also rewarded. Ethical Hacking is defined as the method
by which
ethical hackers penetrate and discover vulnerabilities existing in
information systems' operating environments.

Ethical hackers usually
use the same tools and techniques as criminal Hackers, but they neither damage
the target systems nor steal information. They maintained the integrity
and confidentiality of the systems. Their job is to evaluate the
security of targets of evaluation and update the organization regarding
the vulnerabilities of the discovered and secure exploitable Systems or files. [/size]
Many times by learning Ethical Hacking can bring you a job in security filed
by many small companies looking for professional admins if not by
big corporation. Now we will look on some articles that will help you
understand and steer you on right path. You will begin by understanding how Hacking
works and then learn how to scan and attack your own network, system
and web security. You then learn how intruders escalate privileges
and what steps can be taken to secure a system. You will also learn about Intrusion
Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks,
Buffer Overflows and spyware prevention and much more. There is no way
to properly protect a company's network unless you know what you're
up against. Only by understanding how attacks work and what an attacker does to
compromise a machine can a company position itself so that it can be properly
protected. If someone tells you to protect a site against a certain
threat and you don't understand what the threat is or how it works, you cannot
protect against it. Knowing what an attacker can do to compromise your
system and what that compromise looks like on a network allows you to
build a secure system. After you complete this program you will have
understanding and experience in Ethical Hacking. Although this program goes
into techniques used to hack a machine and perform common exploits, it
is not meant to be a handbook on how to hack. It is meant to help you as learner
properly close up vulnerabilities and protect your computers. This
program is design to link you all over the site so you can gain access to
all of our database and everything we have to offer in orderly fashion.
Many people want to learn the art of Hacking, but most are unsure
were to start. Fist you need to have the want to be Hacker and passion.


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Ethical Hackers Introduction Earth10
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Ethical Hackers Introduction
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