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 How To Remove Spy

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PostSubject: How To Remove Spy   How To Remove Spy I_icon_minitime2/5/2008, 6:11 am

Quote :
What is spyware and why such big issue? Here is the definition from
wikipedia. " , the term spyware refers to a broad category of malicious
software designed to intercept or take partial control of a computer's
operation without the informed consent of that machine's owner or
legitimate user. While the term taken literally suggests software that
surreptitiously monitors the user, it has come to refer more broadly to
software that subverts the computer's operation for the benefit of a
third party. In simpler terms, spyware is a type of program that
watches what users do with their computer and then sends that
information over the internet. Spyware can collect many different types
of information about a user. More benign programs can attempt to track
what types of websites a user visits and send this information to an
advertisement agency. More malicious versions can try to record what a
user types to try to intercept passwords or credit card numbers. Yet
other versions simply launch popup advertisements. " There are many
Softwares or Tools claming to rid your PC from all that nasty little
pranks, pop ups and spyware but do they? Not really, It all comes down
to your brain and few simple tools. Dont waste money on big name and
many softwares that dont do the trick. I will explain step to step how
to remove spyware.

- When you feel like you have all of those we can go on -

The first thing you should look for is: Do you see pop ups? Computer is
slow and your anti virus is constantly popping up warning signs? There
are many spyware that install other spyware on your PC and warn that
you have spyware and the only way to remove them is by buying there
product to clean it up! Yes Iíve seen many different spyware, there are
easy one to remove and hard ones to remove but all can be removed with
time and hard work. First try to figure out the name of your spyware.
For example Say Test.exe is spyware and your anti virus said "warning
... Test is spyware ... itís located in "C:\Program
Files\Test\Test.exe" You would go to that folder and right click it and
use unlocker. Simply select it and delete it with unlocker because many
spyware disable "delete" to protect them self. Also learn registry that
way you can be more effective against even Trojans and stronger
spyware. If you canít remove the spyware with unlocker simply select
the option delete upon reboot! That way it will delete it for you but
you must restart your PC. Say you have virus and you remove all of it
but trace is left in
RESTORE its best to disable your restore by going to
[My Computer] than right click in any white area and click [System
properties] Click on [System restore] and Turn OFF your system Restore.
Its recommended to turn OFF system restore because for [1] it slows
down your PC and for [2] Thatís were many Trojans, viruses and Spyware
hide and are BACKED UP if you restore your PC! Itís best to Back Up
your Data to CD's and not System Restore. After you rebooted your PC
make sure you empty your recycle Bin because thatís were your spyware
will be placed! Install Ad Ware and run it and donít archive any thing
you find but simply delete it! Updating your Anti virus and Ad ware
will keep your PC safer and faster like the way it was when you
originally purchased it! The last thing I want to say is STOP using
Internet Explorer due to its insecurities! Yes most spyware come from
using Internet explorer and Downloading files.exe that may claim to be
freeware like Music players or Kaaza and limewire and anything like
free screen savers ... ect. Remember nothing is really free and all
those screen savers and downloading peer to peer programs like Kaaza
and lime wire are with spyware and Trojans. Be smart and educated.

Here is list of all known Spyware and bad Programs!



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How To Remove Spy
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